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Hi, I’m Christi.

Welcome to PureShots Photography! 

In the midst of my current state of life with 4 crazy boys, a husband and 6 chickens, I find time for photography to keep me sane!

I have degrees in Environmental Science from Oregon State University (Go Beavers!) and Natural Resource and Environmental Management from the University of Hawaii – I love creation! While living in Hawaii in 2003-06, before parenthood, missing my husband deployed with the Navy and pursuing my master’s degree, I bought my first “real” camera and I fell in love. I love seeing how light paints the earth and brings out the colors, highlights and shadows. I love seeing how people add to the beauty of the earth. I love trying to find beauty in un-beautiful places. I also love to bring beauty into homes in the form of photos.

My first love was fine art photography. I spent a few summers selling my art at farmers markets and enjoyed meeting and talking with people and bringing our outside world into their homes. These days, I am most excited about people pictures – portraits. It all began with the addition of my first child. What better excuse for practicing my child photography? Then I added a second and a third child. If three boys 3 years apart wasn’t crazy enough, we started adding foster kids into the mix.  In 2014 I added my fourth child by birth bringing us to a family of 6. 

I love taking photos of children and their families. I enjoy watching how families interact. I prefer to capture real moments: two year olds running around being two, 6 year olds racing and jumping off things or twirling, and I really enjoy finding images of seniors that truly show their personalities. I like to mix my two loves and showcase people in the bigger picture of their environment. I have fun and so will you! I will guide and direct your photo session so that you are doing activities that are enjoyable to you and that help flatter you in front of the camera, but I’m not super posey. I look forward to meeting you for a unique and personal, custom photo experience. If you’re just browsing, come back often to see where my crazy family and adventures have taken my camera and me.

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